Welcome aboards 1337's, it's time to unleash your skills and knowledge in the Battle of 1337. Make this battle counts and may the force be with you.

★BATTLE OF 1337★


We try hard to keep the competition as free and exciting as possible; however, we do require players to adhere to a few simple RULES AND REGULATION:

  • This is a test of endurance; you all will be tested based on individual skills means no grouping
  • No off-the-shelf automated scanning tools such as Nessus, OpenVAS, etc.
  • No cooperation between players. Sharing flags or providing revealing hints to other players is cheating.
  • No attacking the competition infrastructure. If bugs or vulns are found, please alert the competition organizers immediately.
  • Absolutely no sabotaging of other competing players, or in any way hindering their independent progress.
  • No brute forcing of challenge flag / keys against the scoring server.
  • No flooding and / or DoS attacks.
  • No ARP spoofing.
  • The rules and regulations will or might be updated without prior notice.
  • At all times, the decision of the Battle of 1337 Crew is final on any matter in question.
  • The minimum age for this battle is 18 years old.
  • Person that caught breaking the rules will be disqualified.
  • All the games TERMS AND CONDITION will be found ON THIS PAGE.
  • Any inquiries please do contact us at [email protected].